Complaints of denture wearers of late nineteen forties would differ little from those of today's wearers. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to even tell the difference between two sets of dentures made fifty years apart. The Sure-Bite denture stabilizer changes all the above. This apparatus consists of a pair of enclosures stainless steel torsion coil springs which when installed on the maxillary denture, steadies the lower denture with a comfortable pressure during incising and chewing so that the denture does not "flip up" or rotate around a fulcrum point. The installation is technician friendly with the available positional analogs. With proper allowance for the physiological mandibular freeway space, it is not necessary for the device to be disabled when not in prandial use. The Sure-Bite can in many instances be a viable alternative to surgical implants considering the high cost, anatomical limitations, and emotional factors involved with their insertion.
Any person who has complete maxillary and mandibular dentures is a candidate for the Sure-Bite. Users are able to chew more efficiently with greater comfort with the elimination of significant denture displacement during anterior and unilateral function with protrusive and lateral movements. The Sure -Bite may be retrofitted to existing dentures in some situations, but is designed for new applications. Most people are able toeat corn on the cob, apples, nuts, caramels, fried chicken , and many other foods which are hard to eat with traditional dentures . With the Sure-Bite, it is possible for denture wearers to "pull bite" sandwiches instead of the usual "push biting". All components of the Sure-Bite are made of stainless steel and are easily cleaned by the user.
Most denture wearers have no suction retention on the lower denture due to the shape of the lower jaw. This causes the lower denture to flip up on the right side when a patient bites down on the left side. If the patient bites down on the right side, the denture flips up on the left side. Most denture wearers must cut their food up in very small pieces in order to eat properly. They cannot digest their food properly because it is difficult for them to chew because of the lower denture movement described above. The SURE-BITE is most effective for persons that have a very little or a poor ridge. It is also most effective for persons that have loose flabby gum tissue. These patients especially, have difficulty with chewing and speaking because of lower denture movement. Coughing and sneezing can force a denture out of a persons mouth. This may result in the loss of a denture, breakage, or embarrassment to the denture wearer.

Caution the laboratory technicians to build the acrylic up around the entire base for proper retention of the denture.
Warn patients, while assembling their SURE-BITES, they need to be sure that they push the entire SURE-BITE back over the raised area on the base until it locks into place. This will prevent the device from slipping off into patients mouth.
Be careful not to bend the legs of the spring while sliding device onto the base. If you do bend or break a spring, replacement springs are available. Patients should inspect SURE-BITES daily. Instruct them to keep their SURE-BITES clean for proper performance of the device and also for sanitary reasons. Keeping the device clean is very important. ..